I, the admin of Sky Blue Loans, have been receiving quite a few emails over the course of the last 6 months or so from people who appear to have paid money to a group of people trading as ‘Sky Blue Loans. By the sounds of it, they are either loans brokers charging excessive upfront fee’s for finding people loans but not being very open with the applicant leading them to believe that they are parting with money to receive a larger sum of money back (legal but frowned upon territory), or – they are simply conning people out of money with no hope of a loan or any chance of a refund.

Often, broker setups that do mislead loan applicants by charging money upfront do so by claiming that the payment is a ‘fee’ and that by paying it they will be able to get the money from their successful loan application. These fee’s were very often taken illegally by misleading applicants into paying them, but you could generally get a refund. The whole business model of many of these companies was based on the fact that a lot of people wouldn’t bother coming back to them for a refund, as they usually set up undesirable terms and conditions that led people to believe they couldn’t apply for a refund for around 6 months. During that 6 months many would forget about making an application for a refund and many who would come to make a claim for a refund would often find the company that they paid is no longer trading.

According to the emails i have received some people appear to have parted with as much as 600 pounds, which leads me to think it is con men blatantly robbing people, because that is a very excessive brokerage fee for unsecured finance. Although the majority of people claim to be out of pocket in the ball park of 100-200 pounds which sounds more like a legal but frowned upon brokerage scam. Maybe there is more than one group of people partaking in this scam? One group could be brokers charging excessive loan finding fee’s and passing the fee off as a successful loan brokerage fee, the other group could be con men blatantly robbing people? Who knows, i certainly don’t.

I also think a lot of people may be confusing Sky Blue Loans with other companies that operate online with similar names (there are quite a few), such as blue sky finance, blue sky loans, sky blue finance, and many others.

This site is not a scam, it is currently a shelved project that i look to come back to in the future, a project that will most probably be based around either payday loans or doorstep loans, i haven’t decided yet. If you have found this site with the intention of emailing the owner a ton of abuse, i wouldn’t bother 🙂 as you will just be flooding the email address of someone who already has enough emails to read without having to read stuff like:

you are under investigation by trading standards for defrauding money from people.im one of them.and you took by £132 by fasle means.my statement and numerous other people statements have been passed to the fraud squad.and we are going to catch you ‘your a theiving bunch of india parasites.who proberly illegally in our country. your address in cardiff doesnt exhist .you are named on facebook and other sites .so people know who you are.i stopped other people using your sites successfully ‘ and will continue to do so.cant wait until i meet you face to face.low life bunch of shits. pork eating gay ha ha
Message was sent from: Contact Sky Blue Loans


your company has taken £620 off my self for a £1500 loan which i never got they now are saying that if i pay another £200 pounds that it would be sent to my door,this is after 3 broken promises and leaving with me with no money at all over christmas


Message: I would like to borrow £7000 for university fees, I was contacted by one of your colleague and said to proceed my loan application because it is unsecured loan, i need to pay insurance fee which cost £167 and it is refundable. So, what would you advice me ? sh

Or (Newly added)

This Company Are TOTAL W**kers – They Taken My Money £975 For A Loan I Haven’t Got TOTAL W**kers – Money Grabbing B*****ds – William Johnson – He Works For Them And I’ve Got 3 Other Boss Names – Alex Brown – W**ker As Well – The Run Under The Name SKY BLUE LOANS – I’ve Got Account Numbers And Sort Codes For The 3 BOSS. I’m Pressing For Court Now – Then Phone Number 02081443218 Which Is LONDON Not Cardiff Were The Company Is – TOTAL W**KERS –

Maybe let off some steam in the comments section at the bottom of this page instead. i will do my best to approve comments that aren’t blatant spammy nonsense.

I feel sorry for all those who have ended up out of pocket. Back in the day when i was in my early 20’s i was tricked out of 60 pounds for a fake loan that didn’t exist, i had bad credit history at the time. Now i am in my first year of late 20’s and thankfully can spot a liar from 100 miles away.

A good rule of thumb with all things finance, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

And in defense of loans companies, because while many often bend the truth and mislead consumers, there are consumers bending the truth and misleading finance companies, tricking them into giving them money by telling lies about their situation in order to obtain larger amounts of money than they would really be eligible for. And not only that, there are scammers scamming loan companies. After replying to one or two people who emailed me about having lost money i later started receiving fishing emails purporting to be from banks, asking for personal information. I’m not saying that everyone who emails me claiming to have lost money is a scammer, but a certain % of the emails i have received have sounded a bit too scammy.

If you are one of the people who have lost money reading this, i wish you good luck getting your money back and i hope the morally questionable people taking these fee’s get caught and feel the full force of the law used against them.