It’s nearly Xmas, well, sort of. While it seems pretty close it’s still pretty far away. The Autumn is rapidly approaching and so is December the 25th, soon to leave summer all but a memory.

As Christmas is just over 100 days away, it gives you ample opportunity to take a look at your Christmas plans and work out how you’ll be paying for it all. Presents don’t come cheap. If you’re one of the lucky people, you have enough money and or a clean credit history, so you won’t be needing a Christmas loan for bad credit history this year.

If you’re unlucky, you’re gonna be dreading Xmas and know that things might just be a little too tight, but fear not, Sky Blue Christmas loans is here to help with a variety of different bad credit loans, such as Christmas pay day loans and Christmas door step loans to help you and your family enjoy this Christmas 2017.

As we specialise in helping people with a blemished credit file you’re 5 times more likely to be approved for a cheap cash loan.