We’re gonna be back at it again this 2017, for all those looking to get hold of a Christmas Loan for bad credit we’d love to hear from you.

Every year here at Sky Blue Loans we get enquries from people who have have been scammed when applying for a loan. Some say that they were scammed by us (they weren’t) thinking that we were the ones who asked them to pay big sums of money in advance of getting a loan or telling them to call a premium rate number which costs the duped loan applicant 20 pounds or more to call.

People applying for loans who are desperate for money often let leave of their senses, senses that may otherwise tell them that what they are being told is suspicious and that they should proceed with caution, but this is what desperation does to people, it makes them eager to believe.

We wrote a little about what we receive from people on a post dedicated to loan scams.

But we don’t just sit back and let people get scammed, where we can we at SBL like to educate people and we thought up a quirky way in which we could do just that.

In 2014 we registered a website called (updated 2017) new project Christmas loans UK .co.uk as a website that is dedicated to receiving enquiries from people specifically looking for Christmas loans on bad credit terms, or so they think.

On it we have put a load of incorrect information and even told people that finance in the uk is regulated by Santa Claus – yet people still enter extremely personal details into the contact for which could lead to them becoming a victim of fraud.

We go to great lengths once a user has filled out the Xmas loan contact form and been redirected to the ‘you’ve been tango’d’ page to explain what it is that they have just done and by doing so hope to prevent that person from venturing on to other dodgy loan websites and making a REAL mistake. We don’t ask incredibly personal information on the contact form, although we could, and delete any information we receive.

The internet still has a long way to go until it becomes ‘safe’ and we’ll continue to do our best to educate people about the dangers online fraud poses. It can ruin lives.

If you have bad credit history and wish to obtain finance, it is best that you do some independent research and visit useful government websites like the money advice service and debt charity websites to see what it is that you really want and hope to achieve from loan.