Hitting the news this week was the fact that one of the largest payday lenders within the UK appears to have been sending customers who haven’t kept up with their loan repayments, or not paid any money back at all, threatening legal letters that may have not been legal themselves.

As a result of this news it is reported that the police have contacted the financial regulator for payday loans and other forms of finance, the FCA, to arrange a meeting in which they want to discuss the fake letters, purportedly dispatched between 2008 and 2010, to see whether there is enough evidence to warrant a criminal investigation.

The FCA have already fined the payday loan company 2.6 million pounds which is to be used as compensation to the tens of thousands of customers that seem to have been sent letters from legal companies that did not exist.

This fake payday lender legal letter news has, like most news about payday lenders, gone down badly with many people wanting payday lenders to suffer real, tangible repercussions as opposed to a little slap on the wrist and a slight hit in profits.