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Iran Vs Nigeria World Cup 2014

The Iranians are due to play their opening world cup 2014 match at 20:00 Uk time against match favorites Nigeria. Iran are considered by many in the footballing world to be the tournament whipping boys and have been given odds as high as 750-1 to win the 2014 world...

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ISA Interest Rates Cut

An ISA is a tax free financial product that gives the holder an income which can be credited monthly or yearly. The interest received, however big or small, is free from the grubby mitts of the taxman....

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Branching Out Into Small Personal Loans

Sky Blue Loans have always focused on offering fast, short term, small loans to people who have a relatively urgent need and need cash ASAP! But we realise that while a lot of our customers need fast loans to get them through a difficult situation that they encounter...

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Bank Overdrafts As Bad As Payday Loans

People have been cottoning on over the course of the last 5 years or so that banks aren't ran by nice people, they are ran by greedy banksters who don't care if people pay for PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) or CPP (Card Protection Insurance) when it's not fit for...

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How Many Horses Died In The Grand National 2014

While the UK is very much a nation of gamblers, we're also a nation of pet lovers (although many simply can't afford to own a horse, as much as they would like to). As the horse meat scandal of 2013 proved, we are very fond of horses and the majority of people in...

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Bank Holiday Loans

The first bank holiday of 2014 is rapidly approaching England and Wales (18th of April), and with a bit of luck it will be a nice, sunny hot day as the weather appears to be taking a turn for the better. Bank holidays are a very desired time of year for the average...

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The Cheque Centre

It's a bad day for one of the UK's biggest payday loan lenders in the UK, the Cheque Centre. They have been secretly recorded by an online newspaper who have today published the findings of their undercover filming. The 'shameful tactics', as the DM Newspaper branded...

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New Areas Covered

Sky Blue Loans are expanding the areas our P-day loan services cover. Over the coming weeks/months we'll be adding more location pages to our website, starting with Cardiff in which we will be talking about us and what we can do for people in the city, adding...

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The 50 Pence Piece That Could Make You A Mint

Over the years currency, particularly British Currency, evolves and changes, be it different bank notes to honour British heroes like Winston Churchill, who will be appearing on the next five pound note, or Jane Austin, who will be replacing Charles Darwin on the ten...

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How can we help?

We’re Christmas loan specialists. How can we help you? Whether you’re looking to get hold of money to pay for Christmas, presents for family and friends, a gift for the girl friend, or even just pay off some bills until your wages next arrive, let Sky Blue loans be your saint nick this Christmas, and let us fill your bank account with some lovely reddies. All you have to do it, pop your details into our online loan enquiry form and we’ll get to work.

Have a very merry Christmas.

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