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It’s nearly Christmas

It's nearly Xmas, well, sort of. While it seems pretty close it's still pretty far away. The Autumn is rapidly approaching and so is December the 25th, soon to leave summer all but a memory. As Christmas is just over 100 days away, it gives you ample...

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When do old pound coins go out of Circulation

When do old pound coins go out of circulation? One of the biggest shake ups in British currency is looming, the old pound coin will go out of circulation on October the 15th 2017. British pound coins have been round ever since their first inception, in which they...

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New Christmas Loan Partnership

Sky Blue Christmas Loans is now working in partnership with Christmas loans for bad credit which means we can now too offer our bad credit customers flexible loans to help them pay for Christmas 2017. By teaming up with bad credit Xmas specialists we can...

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Festive Loan Scams 2017

We're gonna be back at it again this 2017, for all those looking to get hold of a Christmas Loan for bad credit we'd love to hear from you. Every year here at Sky Blue Loans we get enquries from people who have have been scammed when applying for a loan. Some say that...

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Matched Betting

Warning, betting can cause money problems, if you rely on payday loans to get yourself through the month then you should not gamble. Matched betting is a way in which a gambler can 100% secure themselves a profit from their stake. How? Well, in the modern era you can...

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Iain Duncan Smith Benefits Cap To Be Lowered

Iain Duncan Smith, most well known, and most hated, by people in the UK who claim benefits - job seekers, child benefit, disability benefits, housing allowance (also known as LHA), working tax credit, the whole shebang - his department, the DWP (Department for Work...

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Christmas Is Approaching Fast

Yes, time flies, doesn't it? With Xmas 2013 now a distant, incredibly expensive memory, Christmas 2014 is rapidly approaching. As the nights start to come earlier, and the British summer time comes to an end, we start to see the finishing posts of the year. Being in...

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Russia May Lose Loans And Investment From The EU

Due to the Russians unauthorised occupation of Crimea, and more recently the on going fighting in Eastern Ukraine, aligned with the shambolic handling of the unfortunate people killed when MH17 was so tragically shot out of the sky by drunk ex Russian military...

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Doorstep Loans Manchester

We're expanding our lending offering away from smaller payday loans in the UK to doorstep loans around the UK starting with Manchester. If this trial of door step lending is successful we'll branch out into other cities, such as Birmingham, London and Liverpool....

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Fake Payday Lender Legal Letters

Hitting the news this week was the fact that one of the largest payday lenders within the UK appears to have been sending customers who haven't kept up with their loan repayments, or not paid any money back at all, threatening legal letters that may have not been...

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How can we help?

We’re Christmas loan specialists. How can we help you? Whether you’re looking to get hold of money to pay for Christmas, presents for family and friends, a gift for the girl friend, or even just pay off some bills until your wages next arrive, let Sky Blue loans be your saint nick this Christmas, and let us fill your bank account with some lovely reddies. All you have to do it, pop your details into our online loan enquiry form and we’ll get to work.

Have a very merry Christmas.

Christmas Loans Bad Credit UK.