Yes, time flies, doesn’t it? With Xmas 2013 now a distant, incredibly expensive memory, Christmas 2014 is rapidly approaching. As the nights start to come earlier, and the British summer time comes to an end, we start to see the finishing posts of the year. Being in August, currently, we’re less than a third of the year away from Christmas 2014.

Retailers up and down the country are busy preparing themselves for the busiest times of year and awaiting the flood of consumers – with their, what feels like, very recently paid off credit cards eager to insert into chip and pin machines in exchange for gifts for family and friends.

Those not able to afford to purchase presents with their salary often seek out credit card companies or fast cash Christmas loans to pay for presents and look to clear their outstanding balance in January. Those who splash out heavily often find themselves paying off their credit card bill well into the new year, hopefully making use of the many 0% interest deals on credit with plastic borrowing.

What about people with bad credit who need money to buy Xmas prezzies? well there’s cash available for them to, in the form of bad credit finance companies who specialise in Christmas loans for poor credit history.

There’s no sin in borrowing money, you borrow money because you need to, whether it be to pay for a holiday after a hard years graft, to keep on top of household bills like the ever increasing gas and electricity bill, or to simply make your end of year festivities something to remember. But as with all finance, borrowing responsibly is a must. Only borrow what you can afford to repay. Here at Sky Blue Loans we believe in not only responsible lending but also responsible borrowing.

What ever your plans are this Christmas, make it something to remember.

Updated 20/08/2017